Although we are wine enthusiasts and professionals by trade, the group is also composed of humble and supportive people who are eager to learn and share knowledge about everything wine and beverage.  Blind tasting can be intimidating, but most everybody finds that is not the case when you’re surrounded by a group of like-minded people that all aspire to teach and be taught at the same time.  It’s not about being right or wrong; rather the tastings are all about developing the tools to have a greater understanding of wine for whatever your goals may be.


Regular events and benefits include:

Weekly Blind Tastings

Alternating Sundays and Mondays

    For these tastings, the people involved are usually split into two groups and assigned a wine to bring.  For the most part we are bringing modestly priced wines that represent a varietal and/or region.  The wines that Group A bring are put into brown bags and tasted blind by Group B, and vis-a-versa.  Wines are evaluated on various components, revealed, and discussed. 

Focused Tastings

    There are very few environments where you can taste varietals horizontally or vertically to help define your perspective on a grape or a region.  Focused tastings are slated for certain tasting dates and are an incredible learning tool. 

Study Groups

    Whether you’re gearing to get certified for your job, to build your resume, or to reward your investment and education in wine, there will be people who can help you attain your goals.  Common focuses include the Court of Master Sommeliers and WSET, among others.


    For anyone in the business that is looking to access the decision makers and the influential people in the industry, all it takes is a quick e-mail to the Boston Sommelier Society.  Members come from all different facets of the trade from distribution, retail, and restaurants.  There are endless industry-wide opportunities to collaborate with the Boston Sommelier Society.

For more information on what it takes to join and become involved, contact us anytime.

Boston Sommelier Society

We are a fun-loving group of wine professionals and enthusiasts committed to advancing Boston's reputation in the wine world. Our goal is to push the boundaries of common wine perception such that wine becomes regarded as an accessible beverage for all to enjoy.